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A broken phone, tablet or wearable is always annoying. But it’s by no means rare that a device leaves its owner high and dry. And that’s where we can come in and help! Your phone’s got a broken screen or water damage, leaving you high and dry? Then you've come to the right place. We’ll repair your phone - quickly, properly and reliably!


We distinguish between two types of repairs: warranty repairs and paid-for non-warranty repairs. Repairs within the manufacturer’s warranty are generally carried out free of charge according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This also applies to devices with a 3-year warranty offered by exclusive specialist dealers. You can check on whether your device also has a 3-year warranty. In both cases, this only applies to defects or damage covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If your phone has a broken screen due to being dropped or has water damage due to a short swim the pool, that’s a paid-for repair outside the warranty. Broken screens and water damage both happen often, but the cost of these repairs unfortunately have to be paid by the owner of the device.


For our services, you are currently being redirected to the ECC ESC website, as we are still under construction. ECC ESC is our parent company, but until now, it has mainly worked for major clients. As a certified and authorised service and repair centre, it carries out repairs for well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, HUAWEI, Wiko and others. Your data and information will also be handled safely by ECC ESC and a high quality repair is always guaranteed.